How to Get Your Blog Published: A Guide for Beginners

Jason Dookeran
6 min readOct 21, 2022
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Have you heard the phrase, “Honey, if only people could see our fabulous dancing and singing?” That may sound like a corny saying, but it applies to blogging similarly. Sure, whenever we write our posts and share them on social media, we think they are fantastic, but until they are published, no one can see them. So yes, you read that right: publishing your blog isn’t as difficult as it seems. In fact, with the correct information, support, and time to execute your plan of attack, getting your blog published becomes easier than you think!

Blogging is an excellent resource for someone who has information to share with the world. However, developing a blog takes time and effort. In many cases, you may be competing with other people who also have a blog. Making yourself stand out in a competitive environment like online is something I’ll cover in a subsequent article. However, this one just gives you the basics of what you need to start blogging and publishing your thoughts online. Read on to learn more.

What is Blog Publishing?

It’s a lot like this, but on a screen

A blog is an online journal or publication maintained as a discrete online record of a particular individual or organization’s thoughts, activities, and discourse. Hubspot defines a blog as a regularly updated website or web page that could contain information about a person’s opinion or a business’s current and future plans. This is done either by an individual or by a company. A blog can be viewed online by anyone visiting the site and can be accessed by anyone on the internet. In other words, anyone can read your blog and share it with their own readers or post it to their own social media sites. Furthermore, a blog can be syndicated and distributed to other websites or e-mailed to others. A blog is a social media forum. It can be a diary, journal, or collection of product reviews, among many others. As a blogger, it is your job to publish new content at least once weekly. This can be about any theme or subject you choose. While writing a blog post, try to add value to your readers. You can discuss relevant topics, share your knowledge, or add opinions and analysis to your…

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