Freelance Writing — Lessons I Learned Using an AI Writer

Jason Dookeran
5 min readNov 16, 2022
To make an apple pie from scratch you must first invent the universe

I recently got involved in doing a freelance contract for a client that wanted a set of content done for their website. It came up to around fourteen pages of content, at 1K words apiece. Since it was my first foray into this particular industry (online gambling), I didn’t have much of an idea of what I needed to do. So, I figured I would experiment with AI to make my life easier.

Dear friends, DO NOT turn to AI to make your life easier. It’s most likely just going to make it more complicated. Especially if you need to figure out what you’re doing. So, as a cautionary tale, I’ve decided to pen this warning about using an AI writer. But first, the basics.

What Is an AI Writer?

Search Engine Journal (SEJ) notes that AI writers are bots that help to write content for some web pages. The upside of this is that companies that don’t have that large of a marketing budget can quickly put down some money and get quality SEO content out of the bot. The downside of the arrangement is that a lot of what the bot spits out is absolute garbage. Sure, it reads like someone wrote it, but there’s no soul there. There’s no rapport with the audience. Sometimes, when the AI can’t come up with something, it simply copy-pastes a paragraph word-for-word. This, as a writer or a company, is not what you want. It is several miles away from what you want.

My Experience with AI Writing

I felt like this sometimes

I’ve been aware of AI writers for a while now. I’ve even shown some of the people I mentor in writing what they do. And I’ve warned them against using those bots for several reasons. I’m not here to sell you my personal ideas about AI writing bots. That deserves its own post. No, I’m here to give you my personal experiences with writing bots. And for that, I’ll break it down into a set of Dos and Don’ts for using AI writing help.

DON’T Expect Perfect Content from your AI Writer

It’s pretty lazy to chuck in some keywords, select a title and an outline and let the bot write for you. In fact…



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